Agreement Terms and Conditions

I understand that, by applying for the SWSE program:

  • I will include correct and complete information to the best of my knowledge.
  • My application will be considered within the larger pool of applicants and will be considered based on the information that I provide.
  • The YMCA will assign a staff member to be my main point of contact once selection begins.
  • If I have any additional questions, I can contact the YMCA at any time.
  • For information on Privacy please visit
Youth only
  • I understand that to qualify, I must be 16 or 17 years of age during the summer program.
  • I understand that in order for my application to be complete and accepted, I must apply with my parent(s) / guardian(s) permission and involvement.
  • I agree to an interview in the spring once participant selection begins.
  • If accepted, the YMCA will make travel arrangements on my behalf to travel with the larger group of participants.
  • If accepted, I will pay the program a $125 participation fee. If this fee poses a barrier to my participation, I am aware that I may speak with the YMCA at the time of acceptance to discuss other options.